A healthy lifestyle is the motto of the day. Proper diet, exercise can help to remove those extra pounds, relieve tension associated with stress, strengthen the nervous system and the organism as a whole.

Athletic exercises and why they are needed

Sports load is a complex of physical exercises of different intensity, scope and complexity. During sport use all the systems of the human body.

Sports activities contribute to:

  • to improve the functioning of the nervous system;
  • the restoration of heart function, breathing;
  • the increase in blood volume;
  • the development of muscle mass;
  • reduction of excess weight.

Complexes of physical exercises adapted to any age group that helps to reveal physical abilities and improve overall health.

Спортивные нагрузки

What are the different types of loads

All physical activities are divided into:

  • Cardio or aerobic exercises. Examples include running, swimming, brisk walking, active play, cycling, skiing;
  • Power loads contribute to the development of muscle relief, elaboration of individual muscle groups. Bodybuilding, weightlifting, shot put, football and other sports is impossible without strength training;
  • Stretching exercises help to stretch the muscle that allows you to gain flexibility and to improve the condition of the joints. The main types of loads associated with stretching are yoga and pilates.

Какие виды нагрузок бывают

Cardio (aerobic) loading

Cardio improves the cardiovascular and respiratory system, reduces weight. Due to the active work lungs are saturated with oxygen, decreases cholesterol, decreases the total body weight.

The combination of cardio and weight training can improve muscle definition and tighten up the whole body.

The most effective cardio exercises are:

  • running,
  • tracking,
  • swimming,
  • cycling,
  • training on cardio equipment.


To the positive sides of cardio can be attributed to the rapid decline of body mass, strengthening the SS system, all muscles, improvement of metabolic processes.


Some forms of cardio lead to increased stress on the joints and ligaments. Intense exercise is not recommended for people with heart diseases, diabetes, oncology and other diseases.

Кардио (аэробные) нагрузки

Power load

Strength training is necessary for:

  • powerlifting (maximum load),
  • weightlifting,
  • kettlebell sport,
  • bodybuilding (building muscle),
  • armwrestling (long -, medium-intensive exercise),
  • and others.


The advantages of strength training are to develop strength, build muscle mass, adjusting the contours of the figures. In combination with aerobic exercise produce a fantastic result.


Before engaging in strength training, you should check the condition of the spine. It is not recommended to do, if detected osteochondrosis, scoliosis. Hypertension is also a contraindication to practice weight training.

Силовые нагрузки

Stretching exercises

Exercise is directed on development of flexibility, mobility of joints and ligaments. Stretching training:

  • gymnastics,
  • synchronized swimming,
  • acrobatics,
  • ballet,
  • dancing,
  • combat sports.


Stretching exercises are best done after strength or cardio. This will increase the efficacy of the training. Stretching improves elasticity of the tissues, the spine becomes mobile.


Stretching exercises are forbidden to engage in after trauma, in acute inflammatory processes in the joints, with all injuries and diseases of the spine. If during the exercise there was a sharp pain, he should immediately stop and consult a doctor.

Упражнения на растяжку

Recommendations for practice in athletic exercises

First of all, we need to set a goal, decide what you want to achieve, engaging in physical activity.

Занятия с тренером

If you want to increase muscle mass or to lose weight, first classes must be made with the coach. He will choose and calculate the load for sports training.