Sports tracker is a compact electronic device in the form of a watch, bracelet or clip that keeps track of daily physical activity. But the main thing is fitness trackers that monitor the health of the body during exercise: determine the heart rate, count the steps, fixed power load.

Kind of sports trackers

Modern trackers for sports are divided into:

  • fitness watches;
  • fitness bracelets;
  • the pedometers.







They differ in price, design, functionality.

Function of sports tracker

Smart gadgets for sports appeared relatively recently, so not all beginners know why you need tracker. Meanwhile, its functions are useful and varied:

  • smart alarm clock sleep cycles and wakes when a person had better Wake up;
  • the accelerometer counts steps, defines the speed and distance traveled;
  • the heart rate monitor monitors heart rhythm;
  • «personal nutritionist» determines the quality of the food;
  • calorie calculator calculates the energy value of food eaten and the energy body;
  • oxygenase reflects the degree of blood oxygen saturation.

Функции трекера

In addition, some models accept incoming calls and SMS messages; track the mood; recognize gestures; allows you to leave information in social networks and much more.

Функции спортивного трекера

These fitness gadgets are compatible with mobile applications (Android and iPhone). Statistics data is stored in the smartphone memory.

How to choose the right tracker for your workouts

To practice light and heavy athletics, swimming are better gadgets in the form of a bracelet. While suitable for swimming only waterproof model (IP67/68).

Как правильно выбрать трекер для тренировок

To obtain reliable data when you have jogging, it is important that the tracker not only dressed on the arm, but was attached to the belt or shoes in the form of clips.

Фитнес-трекер для бега

How to find a sports tracker, if the goal is weight loss? Most fitness trackers can count burned calories. But in losing weight, it is very important that the tracker display and the amount of energy received from food.

Трекер для снижения веса

Who need tracker

A fitness tracker is needed for all who are engaged in the gym, swim in the pool or running around in nature. As well as those who want to lose weight or to get better, to normalize sleep, to streamline the routine.

Кому обязательно нужен трекер

In this case, the fitness trackers don’t just determine the level of activity, they motivate us to great achievements. These devices record data daily, analyze them, build graphics.


Viewing the collected information becomes a powerful incentive for further physical development and forming good habits.